Intelligent kids question ‘the point’ of exams

You don’t need to be a boffin to know tests are gash; I was questioning the point of exams and I was in Special Club.
Laugh all you like, but we got away with colouring outside the lines; and we all know conformists are suckers.

All jokes aside this news report is an actual joke courtesy of the Daily Mash.
But this ain’t no ordinary joke, this is satire that points a finger at the ever fraying school system. How clever!

If I’m honest I think the world of teachers; its the parents I deplore.
Seriously, some of the units that get plopped out these days are only good for cannon fodder, and I’m not sure we even need a war to put that into action. I blame malnutrition during pregnancy, the readiness to choose a bag of Quavers over fruit purée, benefits culture and the ever strengthening, exponentially multiplying, “what are you lookin’ at?” “ye get me blud” Chav stronghold. But hey, they’re the majority so I guess I should pipe down!

But what do we do about it? Well, I’m British so I’ll just join the huddle of collective apathy, have a scone and grumble.
Maybe we should hire in the A-Team or Mrs Doubtfire or someone, but maybe this mess is so widespread and deep rooted we’d be better off starting afresh?

I jest! its not that bad, I guess I just feel sorry for the little blighters. I’m currently working on a community project with some Central London schools, and, I’m sorry to say, they…ain’t…lookin’…good…
I’d choose a hate free land of uber-intelligent wasters over a nation of under-developed shank happy murkers (Mum, if you’re reading this; shank = makeshift knife, murk = murder).

With ‘A’ grades easier to get than ever before, I wonder what the future generation’s capability of looking after me in my (handsome) old age will be. Ironically, Daily Mash will probably feature heavily on the menu.


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