Hey photography, let’s spoon!

I bloody love photos.

I’m all over the video thing, and will continue to be so; I honestly think there is something truly magical in portraying the world, thoughts, dreams, ideas and emotions through a crafted whole of moving image. I guess that’s why I’m pursuing a career in that field; it really touches me deeply…and anyway, I think its über cool.

But photos…

I’ve always been the guy with the camera, always put people in awkward situations and stolen frames of their soul, but its only recently I’ve begun to think about how big a part of my life that medium is.

I ruddy hate Facebook. Literally the bane of my life on so many levels, yet I find myself perpetually updating my status, chatting shit on people’s walls and infuriating myself with the papness of FB chat. But from day one I saw the worth…a memory bank. My memory is truly awful, seriously pathetic. I stood in Somerfield the other day, basically shouting at a friend in agony at how I couldn’t remember what I’d eaten for lunch, until, after way too long, I washed up on the beach of clarity (seafood ramen from Ramen Sato on Kingly St; fishy epicness in a super-large maroon bowl). And this is why I’ve started organizing my life, my photos, into months on FB. Its merely so I have some kind of approach at remembering my life in any kind of detail for whenever I decide to look back.

Anyway, the point is that photography has become massively important to me, and not just on that memory bank level. When I finally got my 7D I instantly switched from “photos for fun” to “photos for life” mode. Its hard to describe, but I finally feel the flurry of excitement for photography that I’ve always had with video. Enthusiasm and basic skill by no means makes me a professional photographer (even though I’ve recently been touting myself as one), its bloody difficult. Sometimes people assume that both video and photography are easy; I’ve had clients tell me exactly that, and then miserably fail at making anything worth showing. It isn’t, its bloody tough, even if you have “the eye” or the software, or equipment or the time; that’s why people dedicate their lives to it.
A friend said to me recently, “you wouldn’t just ask your mate to do your accounting, and then pay him fúck all”, and yet all too often people expect freebies because they think its easy. And honestly, sometimes I’m too much of a nice guy (or a push over) and end up on freebies a bit too often. It doesn’t bother me, I just hope that doesn’t reinforce the “easy” viewpoint.

And so to photos, and so to this blog. So far this has been an outlet for thoughtage and nothing more, and its about time I used it for something more tangible. No one is going to read this and be enlightened, and that has never been the point, but I would love it if someone woud stumble upon this and be inspired or impressed or taken aback or even made to think out loud for just a second because of something I’ve created…I want to use this space to at least monitor my own creative develoment.

And so, as a mentalinternet note, I hereby ditch that putrid Facebook as an outlet for creativity, and dedicate this blog to what it should always have been; a trough for my creative slop, a fridge for my dreamy heart and a locker for my most valuable belongings. I’m not here to be judged or to judge myself, I’m here to share because I wholly believe that’s what we’re all here to do; and I should share my passions with the world that watches.

(By the way, those two are photos from my recent EPK (behind the scenes) on Chalet Girl, a film that’s coming out next year. I’ll stick a load more up when I’ve got time.


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