Chalet Girl: On-Set

I was recently asked by my friend, Kitty, to go and do some behind the scenes filming for a movie she was working on called Chalet Girl (go check out the blog for more info).

“What’s that? Bring my camera and my snowboard? Stay in a pimp hotel?”
I was, reluctantly, verging towards being slightly keen.

Last-minute work, 2hrs sleep, a randomly packed bag, a blitz down the motorway (cruising into tear jerking sunrise with this beast ruining my speakers and considerably improving my driving skills), a crayfish sandwich and a large latté from Pret, duty-free cologne and someone stealing my magazine on the flight whilst I was sleeping were all part of the prelude to the most beautiful plane landing I’ve ever experienced; Innsbruck. Seriously intense. Cruising in for landing past snowcapped mountains and pine forests, then into a wonderfully green valley with glorious sunshine beating down on endless fields, littered with buttercups and cottages.

Randomly, a film student picked me up (I forget his name, but he lived in Munich and drove a taxi in his spare time) and we rolled (the wrong way for half an hour) through some ridiculously long tunnels into Kaunertal, and up towards the ridiculous hotel. 20 minutes later, I’m covered in purple and on the way up to the glacier.

7D in glove I essentially ended up being more of a photographer than videographer, and having filmed lots of snowboarding before it was fantastic to be able to hone up my snow-photey skills (alongside the other photographer for the movie; Sami from Onboard Snowboard magazine — a complete and utter legend).

Over the next 3 days I took a shed load of photos, had sufficient snow play time, got less sleep than a can of Red Bull, had myself embarassed in front ofStu Brass when Kitty tells everyone I used to have a snowboarding poster of him up on my wall (“Yeah, when I was 12!!…thanks.” … he loved it), managed to get in one of the scenes, ate way too much schnitzel and had a hilarious time with the super friendly cast and crew. Then did much the same back in London for the final few days of shooting, followed by a wrap party that can only be described as “…!”

So anyway, there’s literally hundreds of photos but obviously most of them (the best ones) are being used for press or as run up content for the film itself, so I can only stick a few random ones up.

4 Responses to “Chalet Girl: On-Set”
  1. Tini says:

    Crisp. Clean. Sexy.

    Love these and can’t wait to see more!

  2. Mia says:

    ..crayfish?! x

  3. Mia says:

    your pictures can be kept in the fridge of my dreamy heart. niice. x

  4. Andreas says:

    Love it. Great photos. loves the style, I’ll be back!

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