Swedish. Equestrian.

This week I was whisked to West Wittering for a fashion shoot. I was filming a ‘mood’ video, much like those perfume ads (I’ll stick it up next week when I’m done), but took a few photos whilst there. You know; there was a model (Mignonne, absolutely lovely girl ), a horse (didn’t get his … Continue reading

Chalet Girl: On-Set

I was recently asked by my friend, Kitty, to go and do some behind the scenes filming for a movie she was working on called Chalet Girl (go check out the blog for more info). “What’s that? Bring my camera and my snowboard? Stay in a pimp hotel?” I was, reluctantly, verging towards being slightly keen. Last-minute work, 2hrs … Continue reading

Laziest dogs in the world.

I have a few things to say. 1. Dog No.3 has the eyes of Mithlor the Ice Demon 2. Who’s been breeding dogs and giraffes? You’ll know what I mean. 3. That bulldog can be my friend, what with his unique impression of a sated fat man. 4. The last shot; pretty sure I saw … Continue reading

Banksy makes a film, I forget about it

I originally meant to blog this during Sundance, when it was still vaguely new. Then I figured I’d wait until I’d seen it. Unfortunately, mere weeks later, I’d completely forgotten, everyone has seen it or already knows how good its meant to be. And I still haven’t seen it. So basically this is the worst … Continue reading

Hmmm…nah: Twilight Eclipse trailer

Ok ok; I read the first book (in like 7 minutes), and it was alright, but nothing happened until the end, and until then the only emotion I felt was that of growing a womb. Ok ok, I watched both films; the first was exactly the same as the book, and the second produced audible … Continue reading

Art & Copy looks good

Very good indeed. From the Director, Doug Pray: “Advertising, in fact, may actually be an innately human act itself. But like all creative endeavors […] most of it is mediocre. Ultimately, I hope “ART & COPY” inspires artists and writers to strive to make more meaningful, more entertaining, or more socially uplifting ads.” Fuck yes. … Continue reading

Swansea Love Story

Genuinely uplifting; there’s nothing like moving images of Swansea to make you glad you don’t live in Swansea. Uplifting? I jest! Its fucking harrowing. Swansea is shit though. “Didn’t we Cornelius, we recently lost our baby?” “Sort me out with a glug of that” *points to cider*

Canon Can, I won’t

So I’m essentially at the height of my 7D cravings. Imagine a small shepherd boy, bewildered and lonely in the fields of yore on a starry night, searching for a lost sheep, teary eyed but hopeful and warm of heart; only as a picturesque precursor to the agitated reality of me, one hand perpetually pressing … Continue reading

Red Bull relentless at sponsoring the hardcore

For starters, I’ve never heard the word ‘sonic’ used so many times, without also hearing the words “megadrive” and “I know the cheat to get all the levels”.

Best “Best Worst Movie” movie trailer

Man, if I’ve ever wanted to make a shit movie its now. I wouldn’t want it to be “so shit its good”, it’d have to be “so shit I spooned my eyes off” (yes, eyes can come off as well as out) if I really wanted to impress my parents. They love me whatever alright?! … Continue reading