OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

Another epic video by the emotionless bald dude with the mustache and the guys who follow him around in endless synchronicity. The review I saw said I would ‘gasp’ at the timing. I really didn’t because its off for a lot of it, but that really doesn’t draw anything away from this awe filled bucket … Continue reading

Fred Viola spawns the cluster Puss

Boy did this cheer me up. A wee cluster vid of a track called ‘Puss’ from a portly little fella with a pleasant face dubbed Fred Viola (sorry if the title misled you). I actually watched a more recent vid of his (way more experimental; don’t watch after a strong tea because you will trip … Continue reading

Dave & Brian aren’t that good. Sorry.

Pah. Originally I was going to post this because I thought a couple of randoms had put some respectable effort into a (not so) funny track, by making a decent video, and was going to gold star their homework. Then I did what I never do, research, and it turns out these cats fancy

Short Winter: Long fun

Another 7D post (If cameras had emotions I’d have a restraining order by now). See this one out, the first half is mellow, second half livens up a notch and I got more than a few appreciative shivvers. Camerawise, the notes say this gem was made with the 7D “out the box” (steadicam and a … Continue reading

When iiiii’m at….the pearly gay, g-g-g-gate

Seriously loving this tune, and the video makes my soul live (thanks Tomni). WordPress has a problem with loading Vimeo vids but its totally worth an extra click

I need that toy

Have my bro to thank for this. Not sure why I haven’t seen this before, because it, is, awesome. Awesome enough to need lots of, commas. They truly know how to style up anti-style, and with those threads and the neat fingerwork, my bet is they are literally amassing a hareem. But the point is … Continue reading

M83 – Great Dictator

This has been about for a while, but it deserves a mention here. Literally incredible; I didn’t even know Charlie Chaplin could talk. Seriously, sit down, turn off the lights, full screen that mother and get ready to weep like an abandoned baby. One user puts it perfectly “bad ass. wish the whole world could … Continue reading

WeFail epic win – Eminem

The epic design and crazy non-linear humans at http://www.wefail.com have blasted a sick addition to music video styles. You shouldn’t have to like Eminem to appreciate this; watch the video or click on the tabs at the bottom to interact with sound bytes and musings, and there’s a song selector hidden off to the left. … Continue reading

Evangelical mash up – Drum ‘n’ Bible

Ever more genius emerges from the crack of El Tube, this time we’re treated to a an honest depiction of what goes on in those evangelical worship village halls. I can honestly say I never knew it was that pumpin’, those guys are well mashed. UPDATE: A friend of a friend was offended by this. … Continue reading

Richard Ayoade has a sick mind. Refreshingly sick.

The disturbingly well spread talents of Richard Ayoade (Mighty Boosh, IT Crowd, etc) have once again turned their sights to another music video, this time for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll. Based on the powerful cinematography, the subtle build up of horror and his knack at injecting a slickly blended alternate dimension … Continue reading