Swedish. Equestrian.

This week I was whisked to West Wittering for a fashion shoot. I was filming a ‘mood’ video, much like those perfume ads (I’ll stick it up next week when I’m done), but took a few photos whilst there. You know; there was a model (Mignonne, absolutely lovely girl ), a horse (didn’t get his … Continue reading

Chalet Girl: On-Set

I was recently asked by my friend, Kitty, to go and do some behind the scenes filming for a movie she was working on called Chalet Girl (go check out the blog for more info). “What’s that? Bring my camera and my snowboard? Stay in a pimp hotel?” I was, reluctantly, verging towards being slightly keen. Last-minute work, 2hrs … Continue reading

Hey photography, let’s spoon!

I bloody love photos. I’m all over the video thing, and will continue to be so; I honestly think there is something truly magical in portraying the world, thoughts, dreams, ideas and emotions through a crafted whole of moving image. I guess that’s why I’m pursuing a career in that field; it really touches me … Continue reading

International Travel Photographer of the Year 2009

Well worth a good looksie, some epicness right there (click the photo). I particularly like this chap in his attempt to simultaneously display the two prime facets of the human saga; ‘welcoming meekness’ and ‘I’ll purge your soul with ancient mysticism’. No offense sir; you are wonderful. The rest of the gallery is pure tang … Continue reading

More 7D love

I’ve spent the last few hours ejecting all my appreciative juices into the 7D ether, so here’s a vid by Bob Nicolas to get you as worked up as me. I cried a little. Just a little.

Ridiculously hard for Canon EOS 7D

I’ve been after a Sony EX3 for some time now, its what I’ve mainly used and is my weapon of choice; without getting all techy its nice and quick to “run and gun”. Then the Canon 5d mark II SLR came out and everyone started creaming their pants, justifiably; the shots are intense. But there … Continue reading