Love not Haiti

This is all very interesting. When it comes to natural disasters, it appears the US and the UK have the least generous people adding up to us being the least giving as countries. What are we supposed to think about that? I sense that fucker Mr Relativity rearing its whiney head…so is it true? For … Continue reading

Intelligent kids question ‘the point’ of exams

You don’t need to be a boffin to know tests are gash; I was questioning the point of exams and I was in Special Club. Laugh all you like, but we got away with colouring outside the lines; and we all know conformists are suckers. All jokes aside this news report is an actual joke … Continue reading

X Factor is that embarrassing relative

Apart from the momentary identity loss involved with gazing at (not listening to, my god not listening to) the lovely Cheryl Cole, and the ego boost of watching genuine freaks put their all into an act involving nothing more than simply holding a banana, receiving 4 ‘No’s then unleashing a knife made from a plastic … Continue reading

Sport Relief

Here’s a little vid I filmed and edited for Sport Relief of Kelly Brook and her man (Danny Cipriani) modelling t-shirts designed by the Beckhams. Go buy the t-shirts at T K Maxx and Sainsburys; its for a good cause – making me look good. Jokes, I already look good. Its for charity so just … Continue reading

M83 – Great Dictator

This has been about for a while, but it deserves a mention here. Literally incredible; I didn’t even know Charlie Chaplin could talk. Seriously, sit down, turn off the lights, full screen that mother and get ready to weep like an abandoned baby. One user puts it perfectly “bad ass. wish the whole world could … Continue reading

Madoff gets way too many years

From BBC news: “The sentence, which means Madoff will spend the rest of his life in jail, was greeted with cheers and applause in the packed courtroom.” I’m glad they underlined the fact he would die in jail; there was I thinking this 71yr old fraudster was gonna pop out in 2159 super wrinkly and … Continue reading

Blu-Tack puts teachers in a…sticky?…situation

The Daily Mail has issued this report on the escalating health and safety nonsense fiasco. Teachers now have to make sure kids are wearing goggles when using Blu-Tack in case they get the (literally harmless) adhesive in their eye. And I, for one, agree. Kids are idiots. Next thing we know they’ll be climbing trees. … Continue reading

Expenses Black Out

After public calls for MPs to show their expenses it appears they did it! But of course they don’t have to show their names OR all the details of their expenditure. Cos that wouldn’t be fair. Seeing as how it seems quite easy to spend someone else’s money on pointless items, I signed up to … Continue reading

60yrs to the day since 1984; that’s some peculiar math

60yrs on and George Orwell is still rocking our faces with the fear of a New World Order domination; or is that just every Western world government? Happened to re-read this gem not too long ago (that’s right, re-read), and surprise surprise it seemed ever the more poignant second time round; or maybe because I … Continue reading