Chalet Girl: On-Set

I was recently asked by my friend, Kitty, to go and do some behind the scenes filming for a movie she was working on called Chalet Girl (go check out the blog for more info). “What’s that? Bring my camera and my snowboard? Stay in a pimp hotel?” I was, reluctantly, verging towards being slightly keen. Last-minute work, 2hrs … Continue reading

Hey photography, let’s spoon!

I bloody love photos. I’m all over the video thing, and will continue to be so; I honestly think there is something truly magical in portraying the world, thoughts, dreams, ideas and emotions through a crafted whole of moving image. I guess that’s why I’m pursuing a career in that field; it really touches me … Continue reading

Canon Can, I won’t

So I’m essentially at the height of my 7D cravings. Imagine a small shepherd boy, bewildered and lonely in the fields of yore on a starry night, searching for a lost sheep, teary eyed but hopeful and warm of heart; only as a picturesque precursor to the agitated reality of me, one hand perpetually pressing … Continue reading

Short Winter: Long fun

Another 7D post (If cameras had emotions I’d have a restraining order by now). See this one out, the first half is mellow, second half livens up a notch and I got more than a few appreciative shivvers. Camerawise, the notes say this gem was made with the 7D “out the box” (steadicam and a … Continue reading

When iiiii’m at….the pearly gay, g-g-g-gate

Seriously loving this tune, and the video makes my soul live (thanks Tomni). WordPress has a problem with loading Vimeo vids but its totally worth an extra click

More 7D love

I’ve spent the last few hours ejecting all my appreciative juices into the 7D ether, so here’s a vid by Bob Nicolas to get you as worked up as me. I cried a little. Just a little.

Ridiculously hard for Canon EOS 7D

I’ve been after a Sony EX3 for some time now, its what I’ve mainly used and is my weapon of choice; without getting all techy its nice and quick to “run and gun”. Then the Canon 5d mark II SLR came out and everyone started creaming their pants, justifiably; the shots are intense. But there … Continue reading