Short Winter: Long fun

Another 7D post (If cameras had emotions I’d have a restraining order by now). See this one out, the first half is mellow, second half livens up a notch and I got more than a few appreciative shivvers. Camerawise, the notes say this gem was made with the 7D “out the box” (steadicam and a … Continue reading

More 7D love

I’ve spent the last few hours ejecting all my appreciative juices into the 7D ether, so here’s a vid by Bob Nicolas to get you as worked up as me. I cried a little. Just a little.

Ridiculously hard for Canon EOS 7D

I’ve been after a Sony EX3 for some time now, its what I’ve mainly used and is my weapon of choice; without getting all techy its nice and quick to “run and gun”. Then the Canon 5d mark II SLR came out and everyone started creaming their pants, justifiably; the shots are intense. But there … Continue reading