Hey photography, let’s spoon!

I bloody love photos. I’m all over the video thing, and will continue to be so; I honestly think there is something truly magical in portraying the world, thoughts, dreams, ideas and emotions through a crafted whole of moving image. I guess that’s why I’m pursuing a career in that field; it really touches me … Continue reading

Short Winter: Long fun

Another 7D post (If cameras had emotions I’d have a restraining order by now). See this one out, the first half is mellow, second half livens up a notch and I got more than a few appreciative shivvers. Camerawise, the notes say this gem was made with the 7D “out the box” (steadicam and a … Continue reading

“Snow it begins” is a pun effectively using the word ‘snow’ to represent ‘So’

This literally just in. Good ol’ Tomnipresent has whipped out the beast and captured the rapidly falling snow in a secret location (Reading, Berkshire) in order to check out how much more there is tomorrow. Nothing much happens in the vid; but snow is well nice innit. (In regular punctuation there would be a question … Continue reading