Hmmm…nah: Twilight Eclipse trailer

Ok ok; I read the first book (in like 7 minutes), and it was alright, but nothing happened until the end, and until then the only emotion I felt was that of growing a womb. Ok ok, I watched both films; the first was exactly the same as the book, and the second produced audible … Continue reading

Best “Best Worst Movie” movie trailer

Man, if I’ve ever wanted to make a shit movie its now. I wouldn’t want it to be “so shit its good”, it’d have to be “so shit I spooned my eyes off” (yes, eyes can come off as well as out) if I really wanted to impress my parents. They love me whatever alright?! … Continue reading

Zombieland looks like fun

Ace. I’m male, therefore its in my genes to love zombie movies and Woody Harrelson, so this movie pretty much seems perfect. Plus they have naked zombies and jokes thrown in just to make it seem like there’s a point. No seriously this looks pretty good, and hopefully one to rival Shaun of the Dead … Continue reading